On March 18, 2016, four days before his 55th birthday, our Dad passed away after a battle with prostate cancer. We had hoped to sit with him and document his life before his passing, but never had the opportunity. However, fate intervened. Our friend Peter Lyngso revealed to us that he had filmed an interview with our Dad after his cancer diagnosis a couple years earlier. Upon watching the interview we learned new things about our Dad. It also reaffirmed things about him, most important of which was his passion for creating. This became an excuse to discover and rediscover our Dad's art, photos, and other mementos to create this film. The process has been a cathartic labor of love and the final piece is not only a visual eulogy to our Dad, but a visual ode to creating.

Art & Words by
Roger Simpson
Interview by
Peter Lyngso
Cinematography by
Adam Baron-Bloch
VFX by
Brett Glover
Mix by
Sarah Krohn
Color by
Liz Fornango